Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to redefine beauty standards and inspire individuals to embrace their unique essence. 

We partnered with B'KATE out of a passion for high quality brow cosmetics and a commitment to fostering a community that celebrates diversity.

Be your beautiful self with B'KATE Cosmetics


Friends + Business

We are two girls who share the love of salty fries, a fresh fountain drink + wearing our hightop Converse.

As licensed brow artists, we share the same passion to help bring high quality brow products to everyone with the education + knowledge on not only using the products but keeping your brow routine under 5 minutes.


About candy

Meet Candy, co-owner and the heart and soul of our team. With an infectious smile and boundless energy, she lights up every room she enters. Candy has a passion for Disney and is a sports fanatic! Her love for the Chicago Bears is unwavering and you can catch her watching all the football games during the season!
Outside the office, she cherishes moments with her family, especially her adorable niece Violet. Candy not only brings professionalism to B'KATE but also a warmth and joy that make working with her an absolute dream. Her genuine enthusiasm and love for life inspire us daily, creating a vibrant atmosphere where collaboration and friendship thrive.

About Shelby

Meet Shelby, our incredible co-owner and devoted mom with a heart full of love. A true connoisseur of sweetness, Shelby finds pure delight in indulging in desserts and savoring the warmth of home-baked goods. As a big homebody, she thrives in the comfort of her space, infusing every corner with love and tranquility.
Behind the scenes, Shelby plays a pivotal role, orchestrating the magic that makes everything seamlessly come together. Her dedication to both family and work creates a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

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Lyndsie C.

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Kelly M.

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Kim J.