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B'KATE Cosmetics

B'KATE Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to helping beauty professionals and enthusiasts achieve flawless, defined eyebrows. We are the USA Headquarters for B'KATE Cosmetics and we offer a range of high-quality brow products, including eyebrow pencils, brow gels, brow pomades, and brow highlights.

For those looking to create precise and natural-looking brows, B'KATE Cosmetics' eyebrow pencils are a must-try. With a smooth, blendable formula, these pencils allow you to fill in sparse areas, define your arches, and create a perfectly polished finish.

B'KATE Cosmetics also offers a variety of brow gels that help you achieve a natural, feathered look. These gels come in clear and brown, allowing you to choose the shade that best matches your natural brow color. They also provide long-lasting hold, ensuring your brows stay in place all day long.

If you're looking for a more intense and dramatic brow, B'KATE Cosmetics' brow pomades are perfect for you. With a creamy, highly-pigmented formula, these pomades allow you to create sharp, defined brows that last all day.

To add an extra touch of glam to your brow look, B'KATE Cosmetics also offers brow highlights. These creamy, shimmery pencils can be used to highlight your brow bone and create a subtle, radiant glow.

B'KATE Cosmetics is also dedicated to supporting beauty professionals with wholesale options and professional discounts. Whether you're a freelance makeup artist, salon owner, or beauty influencer, B'KATE Cosmetics has the tools and products you need to create stunning, flawless brows.