B'KATE Brow Dip Tips and Tricks

B'KATE Brow Dip Tips and Tricks

We all know that sometimes trying something new can be kind of intimidating.  If you're like me, I have a whole drawer full of cosmetics that I don't know how to use!  Let's break this pattern.  

Introducing B'KATE Brow Dips!  If you're looking for a buttery, blendable brow dip that lasts all day long look no further.  B'KATE Brow Dips are so easy to use you'll be happy you added it to your routine.  Oh and did I mention their waterproof!

Let's being by having a nice clean brow to work with.  Choose either your B'KATE Spoolie-Angled Brush or your B'KATE Angled Brush used with the B'KATE Spoolie Brush (these are sold as separates).  Start by using your brush to scoop a little B'KATE Brow Dip onto the back or your hand, this will be your artists palette.  Use your brush to pick up small amounts of Brow Dip and start adding color at the bottom line of the brow, then rotate your brush bristles upward and add more Brow Dip and continue to blend the dip using upward brow strokes.  Switch to your B'KATE Spoolie to start blending the buttery dip throughout the brow hairs.  Our B'KATE Brow Dips gives you workable time to get that perfectly blended brow.  Once you are finished adding and blending, the brow dip will start to set up and will stay on your brows all day long, literally until you cleanse it off!

Voila!  B'KATE Brow Dips and Brushes will give you that Pro finish in just a few easy to use steps!  Make sure to finish off your perfect brow using our B'KATE Styling gels, in 2 different colors,  or our B'KATE Brow Puff for a medium hold finish.

B'KATE Brow Dip Tips and Tricks


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