B'KATE Rose Water Mist

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Boost your skin to perfection. B’Kate Rose Water Mist is a refreshing facial spray and hydrating facial mist that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Can also be used as a setting spray so that your make-up stays on point all day long. And of course for moistening the Puff Brush to apply the Brow Puff!

Ingredients: 100% organic rose water



I'm loving my new B'Kate Pro Powder Pencil! The color (Leo) matches my brow color perfectly, applies easily, and stays put all day. What more can you ask for besides perfect looking brows? Thanks, Candy for introducing me to B'Kate!

Rebecca R.
Mesa, Arizona

I'm loving my Scott Brow Pencil. I have blonde brows that are hard to see but the Scott pencil goes on so easy and blends in to look very natural. The pencil is smooth and you need very little product for it to show!

The highlighter is perfect for adding a little pop of sine. I love it in the corner of my eye and to highlight under my brow. I use one side to cover small blemishes and love how easily it covers.

Alyssa H.
Salt Lake City, Utah

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